Yeast-free bread: how to make it



Bread is a basic food for our Mediterranean diet, a food of tradition which in many cases is really hard to give up (you could replace it with cuttlefish but we know that they are not the same!) Unfortunately, however, people who are intolerant to the most disparate foods are more and more important, especially for yeasts, so we thought we would suggest a precious natural variation that will allow yip have your “daily bread” . So the secret is to replace the yeast or the mother yeast with the added white bicarbonate of white yogurt, with a yeast that works by chemical reaction, rather than for bacterial production. The chemical reaction between yogurt and sodium bicarbonate produces carbon dioxide and consequently allows the bread to rise.

Obviously, the leavening action of this yeast is much faster and less consistent than the traditional yeast brewing, so bread will be more compact but still very tasty.

To fry your own home bread using this method, I suggest you prepare a yeast with these simple ingredients that you can find on the next page. INGREDIENTS AND RECIPES FROM THE NEXT PAGE>

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