How to transform a trunk of a tree into a new plant



Who has a garden often has to deal with the need to break down a tree, perhaps because it is very sick or simply because it is necessary to place the soil on a new cultivation. The problem is that this process, in addition to not being unpleasing from the sentimental point of view (every tree brings with it memories), can cause practical difficulties, without forgetting that the procedure is quite expensive.

In this regard, a specialized company can be entrusted to it, but it usually only deals with self-killing: for the disposal of trunks and branches, in fact, it is necessary to pay an additional fee. To avoid spending more, you can decide to keep the trunk and the wood for itself: not just to use it for the fireplace, but also to create a new plant. Not only that, there are so many ways to recycle an old tree trunk, perhaps using a bit of soil and not being afraid to use elbow oil. The possibility of creating spectacular plants is available to everyone, even those who are not very experienced in carpentry. CONTINUE FROM PAGE 2>

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