How to recognize artificial honey with this trick



Among the ingredients that we should never miss in our kitchen, a place of honor is without a doubt for honey, a food too often underestimated and which, in reality, offers a wealth of gifts. This is a versatile product for both the culinary preparations in which it can be used and the many uses that it lends out to the kitchen: the benefits that guarantee the health and well-being of man have long been known.

In short, it is not only an excellent sweetener, for tea, milk, cakes, or many other foods, but it is also a perfect product to remedy so many health problems: its mineral content content – and in particular Magnesium, calcium, iron and sodium – as well as vitamins – with particular reference to vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C vitamins. Since ancient times its virtues are well known and appreciated, although it is not always possible to deal with a totally natural honey: especially in recent times, the artificial one is invading supermarkets. How to distinguish it? WE EXPLAIN FROM PAGE 2>

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