The recipe for the blown potatoes



If you want to taste fried chips other than usual because you are tired of classic sticks, it may be a creative idea to cook the so-called blown potatoes. These are potato slices that, during frying, swell as balloons: beyond the very enjoyable scenic effect, which can also be exploited to embellish the more banal fish and meat dishes to be impressed is the experience on the palate, since you have the opportunity to taste very crispy potatoes that at the same time melt in the mouth.

Like any other type of fries, the blown potatoes can be seasoned as you like: simply with a pinch of salt, with mayonnaise, with a little ketchup and so on. It is worth learning the procedure that needs to be done to prepare the potatoes blown, since it is a frying cooking: as such, it is good not to consume it too often, even if one or a couple of times a week don’t risk causing any damage. But what are the ingredients that you need to make this delicious recipe?


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