Put some bicarbonate in a cup: how to perfume the house


The boyfriend of Nadia is a perfectionist and can not tolerate that his house has a bad smell. The problem is that this girl hates chemical scents and smells coming from artificial products on the market. That’s why he put together some effective alternatives to deodorize and perfume the interior of the house with the most natural products available on the market, giving us the most optimal solution for those who like her have this need. Following are the three “recipes” to create an atmosphere without using toxic scented perfumes. Here are three solutions:

1. Jar Air Freshener for home

They are super efficient so do not hesitate to hide anywhere in closets, cupboards in the bathroom and the hallway … everywhere! In a standard glass jar, pour 1/2 cup of baking soda and 15-25 drops of essential oil of your choice. Mix well until it mixes at best. Rather than using the metal lid of the jar, insert a piece of cloth or paper so that the smell can propagate freely and with greater ease.

(Alternatively apply some small holes with the screwdriver on the metal cover). When the smell will begin to lose strength, just add in a couple of drops of essential oil and then voila! Remember to stir the mixture occasionally to revive the scent better 🙂 (continue on page 2 with the second method)

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