How to make a lamp with a glass jar

If you are looking for unusual objects and a little vintage to furnish your home without spending a lot, here are a few ideas to pick some recycling material. If you are creative enough and have the patience to try home improvement chores, then take a look at this. It will seem amazing how many things can be achieved without spending a euro. For example with a simple glass jar not everyone knows that you can do great things, and very original. An oil lamp for example.

And then there is nothing more welcoming than a home that exposes objects made by ourselves. If on the return from work in the evening, every time we cross the threshold of the house, there to welcome us lamps and handmade ornaments, even the return will be more warm and reassuring. Let’s build a scented oil lamp. It will not take more than fifteen minutes. After choosing all the material we will be able to compose on your own with very little technical skills and any special tools. It is easy! Check below if you have everything you need to build your to-scented oil lamp with a simple glass jar. And start right away!


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