How to make a flowerpot with a pallet



Just two hours are enough to make with a trivial pallet a splendid planter to put in the garden: a solution that allows to delightfully and originally decorate your own green space, but also a courtyard or a balcony, recycling the wood of the benches that, usually, after being used are destined to end up in waste. The procedure to follow is quite simple, even because this type of wood is very easy to work with: even if you are not a brick wizard or if you are doing it for the first time with DIY, the result you get is unique and special and you can customize it as you like, adding a touch of color or decorations.

In fact, the wood of the pallet can be left as it is, rough and natural or painted with a coat of paint: in this latter case, the only caution that it is good to adopt is to use a type of water paint, which guarantees more valuable results not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also on the level of holding and longevity. There is nothing else to do, therefore, to start getting the pallet and then get to work.


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