How to make butter at home (healthy and delicious)


1. Introduction

Butter is one of the most common ingredients in every kitchen and is used in the preparation of sweet and savory recipes, but it is also delicious simply spread on a slice of bread, perhaps accompanied by a thin layer of jam. The fame of this food has no boundaries, since it is present in the gastronomic traditions of the majority of the world countries, each of which is housed in the preparation of local specialties of all kinds.

Certainly this is not a low-calories food, so many people prefer to reduce the consumption to protect the line and reduce the intake of fat, but in any case keep a little butter in the fridge can return always useful, even just to grease a baking sheet before baking a cake.

Despite being one of the products easier to find in any supermarket and grocery store, the butter can also be prepared at home. In this way you will use a product free of preservatives and much cheaper, and it will be possible to prepare from time to time in the required amounts. INGREDIENTS TO PAGE 2>

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