How to grown champignons at home (in few easy steps)


1. Introduction

The mushrooms are different compared to plants because they grow without the need to have roots and do not have leaves and stems of any kind. They are not part of either animal or vegetable kind and are formed by sequences of filamentous cells. In addition, they feed on organic matter from the outside as it does not carry out the photosynthesis, in addition to not necessarily require light to grow. Among the many available varieties of mushrooms, the champignon are certainly among the edible and can be eaten without the risk that they may be poisonous. In the following lines, we show you how to grow mushrooms at home. It is definitely a goal reached without too much difficulty.

2. Needed material 

Let’s see what you need for your experiment, with all the means of which you can not do without. First of all, you need to be in possession of a box in polyurethane foam, so as to ensure that the material remains in the correct temperature and the soil will not rot. Then add a little straw, compost made at home, a bit of water, mulch to cover, a bit of mycelium grain and a little coverage to overpower everything. Now we start with the actual procedure for growing mushrooms at home. THE PROCEDURE TO PAGE 2>

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