How to eliminate aphids: your plants and garden will invigorate


If the aphids have snatched your garden and you do not know how to eliminate them naturally, here are some tips to put into practice. The aphids eat the lymph that they suck from the leaves and to prevent them from doing it you can do some simple steps that do not involve the use of unhealthy chemicals.

Take care of the garden. Aphids do not particularly like to nourish from strong and vigorous plants but always prefer those that are a bit wicked, perhaps affected by marshallings or other similar issues. If you want to prevent your shrubs from sticking, sprinkle frequently and irrigate them regularly. Keep the weeds under control and always eliminate the plants that are beginning to ruin.

Attract the aphid predators. Ladybirds feed on aphids as well as hummingbirds. At our latitudes we are unlikely to see plant buds flush out while it’s easier to attract ladybugs. Some plant species are a real call for these insects. Inform your florist about the best plants and plant them in your garden. With them the ladybugs will come and the aphids will disappear as magic. Some species of small-sized birds feed on aphids. Arrange in the most visible corners of the garden some  bird feeders, ensuring that they can not be reached by cats or other predatory animals. The article continues from the next page>

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