How to cook onions the right way



If you think that onion is the simplest food to cook, you’re definitely on the bad road and you need a nice review behind the stove: first, because every kind of onion needs a different culinary treatment. Each variety, in fact, is characterized by a taste slightly different from that of the other: that is why there are some onions that are most suitable for certain preparations and some onions that are recommended especially for others. The differences go well beyond the surface: you can realize it by removing the peel.

1- Yellow onion, for example, is the one that stands out for its strongest flavor. In general, this variety of onions is the best choice for most dishes, especially if you want to taste it like caramel because it is an ingredient that has a high natural sugar content. To use it best, you need to remove the peel and cut it in half, then cut each of the two halves into long strings.

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