How to build a DIY pool in 10 steps. The result:


Tired of the usual summer days spent in crowded and chaotic pools in the cities to get a little cooler? If you have a nice garden and do not know how to use it, a solution for you is: build a pool of yourself. With the right amount of commitment and some valuable advice, you can give birth to an oasis of peace directly at your home. Follow us to find out all the steps you will need to put into practice to create a home made pool, to envy the entire neighborhood.

1. Design the pool

The first thing to do to build your do-it-yourself pool is to design it. Oval, Rectangular, Graded: before you begin construction activities, you have to have clear ideas about the end result you want.

2. Obtain the necessary permissions

The only desire to make a dip is not enough to keep you safe from all the bureaucratic procedures that underpin the construction of a swimming pool. So, for quiet sleeps, check out the opportunity to build on your land and eventually submit the necessary papers to start the work. Done? You can proceed to the next step. (The steps, until completion, continue from the next page)


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